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PhD in Physical education has been evolving as an innovative interdisciplinary course which combines academic research and practice on athletic training education, psychology, and pedagogy of physical education. With PhD in Physical Education, you are offered many opportunities to get employed as a Recreational programmer, Policy Analyst who provides design and provision of sports and recreation facilities and services, and Sports Officers in public and private sector or institutions.


PhD requires an academic coursework, thesis, and its defense but the most important in a PhD is topic selection and thesis. A thesis is needed to give an exemplification of research competence and academic independence of the candidate. And when you are in an exercise doctoral program like PhD in Physical Education, writing a compelling thesis for the research becomes difficult but a necessity. Finding the right topic at the right time is the key to a successful thesis. But how to know which research topic or title interests you? Take a quick scan at the list below of the PhD topics in Physical Education to get an idea of what interests you:

  1. Impact of physical activity on academic achievement and cognitive performance among undergraduate sports students
  2. The effects of collaborating technology with physical education among basketball players: An outlook of teaching methods
  3. Policy changes in physical education and school sports in Indian secondary schools: Challenges and implications
  4. Investigating the role of physical education curriculum in the effectiveness of physical fitness teaching in schools
  5. Effects of aerobic capacity, muscular endurance, and body mass index on learning abilities of young students
  6. Role of inclusive teaching in physical education and health of children in elementary schools
  7. Physical fitness and self-perception in adolescents: A public health perspective
  8. Gap analysis between PE reforms and student achievement: Towards the development of a teaching and educational model
  9. Prison education: Evaluating the quality of sporting facilities
  10. Crossing the boundaries of physical education with interactive methods for enhancing communication skills among 5th and 6th grade students
  11. Validity evidence of a computer simulation examination to measure decision-making skills in athletic training.
  12. An analysis of the effects of a computer-based fitness program on ninth-grade students’ attitudes and fitness scores in physical education.
  13. Beliefs and practices about implementing technology in physical education,
  14. The evolution of athletic training and perceptions of the BOC examination change to a computer-based format.


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